Learning by Doing

At langbox we believe language education should be free, forever. Our courses and articles are available for anyone, anytime. 

Starting with Spanish, we will soon expand to other popular languages like German or French.

In the long run, our goal is to make our courses accessible in 2nd and 3rd world countries which other popular language platforms don’t offer these days. 

Our team

A bunch of language learning freaks with the common goal of making education more accessible 


web developer

Passionate full-stack developer who turns coffee into fully functioning and beautiful code. When not coding, you’ll find him on a downhill bike. 

Speaks: 🇬🇧 English 🇩🇪German 🇵🇱 Polish  + plenty of human-machine languages.



Rose makes sure our courses and articles are in check. When she’s not polishing her Spanish, you’ll find her baking delicious cakes. 

Speaks: 🇬🇧 English 🇩🇪German 🇵🇱 Polish  🇪🇸 Spanish 🇫🇷 French



Joanna has taught Spanish and English to students of all proficiency levels for 20 years now. Passionate about languages, books, and traveling.

Speaks: 🇪🇸 Spanish 🇬🇧 English  🇵🇱 Polish 

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