100 Spanish Phrases for Travellers


For many of you, the reason to study Spanish is the possibility to communicate in this language while traveling.  Considering how widely spoken Spanish is, it will come in handy whether you visit Spain, spend your holidays in the Caribbean, go on a hiking trip in the Chilean “Altiplano,” enjoy a glass of pisco sour … Read more

Car Parts in Spanish: 60 Useful Words and Expressions

car parts

“Carro,” “coche,” “auto” – Spanish-speaking countries use different words to talk about a car. Some car parts also have different names, depending on whether you are in Spain, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, or some other place in South America.   Yet, learning the essential car and car parts related vocabulary can spare you many headaches when trying … Read more

7 Smart Ways to Learn Verbs in Spanish

learn verbs in spanish

If you have chosen Spanish to be your second language, you probably wonder if there is any way to make the whole process faster and easier, especially when it comes to learning verbs.  Yes, these scary Spanish verbs. If you are a native English speaker, one of the biggest challenges you will face when learning … Read more