Formal Phrases and Words in Spanish


Once you’ve started studying Spanish, you will quickly realize that it has two different formality levels, unlike English.  In everyday, casual conversations with friends, classmates, and peers, you will refer to people as “TÚ” (informal YOU), or – if there is more than one of them – as “VOSOTROS” (at least in Spain) When you … Read more

Useful Spanish Bus and Train Vocabulary

train and bus

One of the best reasons to study Spanish is to be able to communicate in this language when visiting Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, or any other Spanish-speaking country.  It becomes particularly useful when you venture away from the typical tourist spots and explore more remote places where hardly anyone speaks English.  Unless you rent a … Read more

Say “No” in Spanish – Negations and Negative Words


“Don’t do it!”“I didn’t hear you!”“We aren’t going!” People make negative statements all the time. To forbid things, to talk about what didn’t happen, what isn’t going to happen, or what never ever happens. Today, I am going to talk about making negations and using negative words in Spanish. You will quickly realize how easy … Read more

17 Top Ways to Learn Spanish


I’ve always loved the Spanish language: the vibrating and melodic sound of it, the passion of Latin songs, the kindness of its people. It was on my bucket list for a few years before I finally got a chance to learn it.  If you have Spanish is on your list too, tempting yet scary, perhaps … Read more