Author: Sarah Chadwick


Saying “No” – Negations in German

“Nein” – “No”“Ja” – “Yes” “Guten Tag!” –  “Hello!”“Auf Wiedersehen!” –  “Goodbye!”“Bitte” – “Please”“Danke” – “Thank you” These are the minimum six words I learn wherever


How to Practice German Conversation

“Ich ahmmm…”. Are you stuttering in the middle of the conversation only because you are trying to converse in German? This might take away the


How Long Does It Take To Learn German?

A study by the Foreign Service Institute estimates approximately 30 weeks or 750 classroom hours to learn German. The Institute created a list of the

self taught

How Can I Learn German by Myself

So, you’ve decided to learn German. Excellent choice!  Be it for love, work, or just fun, speaking German is a great tool to have under