7 Advanced Words Germans Use in the Summer

The days are getting longer, the temperature is increasing, and the mosquitoes are coming out of their hiding places – you know the summertime has begun. 

Maybe you’ve decided to spend your vacation in one of the German-speaking countries. 

If that’s the case, I’ve prepared something extra for you. 

With these 7 German Words used in the summer, you can guarantee surprising the locals.

7 Advanced German Summer Words

  • Balkonien
  • Fernweh
  • Arschbombe
  • Mücke
  • Sommersprossen
  • Schlauchboot
  • Biergarten 

Don’t worry if these words are all Greek to you! I’ll explain them all so that you can use them confidently.

1. Balkonien

“Balkonien” is a very famous place many people travel to if they are broke. And no, I don’t mean the Western Balkan countries like Croatia or Montenegro. The place I’m talking about is your balcony. 

This little dialogue will show you how Germans use this word in a sentence:

A: “Wo machst du dieses Jahr Urlaub?”
B: “Ich fahre mit meiner Familie nach Spanien und du?”
A: “Das ist ja schön! Dieses Jahr verbringe ich den Urlaub auf Balkonien, ich will mir bald ein neues Auto kaufen.”

A: “Where are you going on vacation this year?”
B: “I’m going to Spain with my family, and you?”
A: “That’s nice! This year, I’m spending my vacation “on the balcony.” I want to buy a new car soon. “

Of course, this is meant as a joke, so don’t worry, you won’t offend anyone with this word. 

2. Fernweh 

Maybe you came across the word “Heimweh,” which means that you miss your home, for example, while being on a 3 month-long work trip. 

The opposite of “Heimweh” is “Fernweh”. It’s boring at home, work is annoying, and the weather is terrible: In this situation, you want to go to another, distant place such as Thailand or Bali. 

This feeling is called “Fernweh.”

🇩🇪 Ich habe Fernweh. = 🇺🇸 Ich will verreisen.
I want to travel.

3. Arschbombe

Don’t try to translate it literally. And don’t worry, this “bomb” is neither dangerous nor stinky.

“Arschbombe” is a jump into the water with your legs drawn forward and your buttocks first. While visiting a public swimming pool or lake, you’ll probably hear some kids or teenagers screaming this word before jumping into the water. 

So don’t run away just because you’ve heard the word “Bombe,” except if you’re next to a teenager that is about to jump into the water, and you don’t want to get wet.

4. Mücke

“Mücke” is one of the most hated creatures in the whole world. Another commonly used word for “Mücke” is “Gelse”.

In English, we call them mosquitoes. 

Caution: The word “mosquito” is also used in Germany but only for the dangerous disease-transmitting (e.g., malaria) mosquitoes.

5. Sommersprossen

Some people don’t like them at all, others wish to have at least a few as they look cute and attractive. 

🇩🇪 Sommersprossen are 🇺🇸 “freckles”. 

Freckles are small spots, especially on the face, that appear when sunlight comes into contact with the skin. They occur particularly in people with blonde or reddish hair and light skin and are often perceived as beautiful because they are unique.

🇩🇪 “Deine Sommersprossen sehen so schön aus!”
🇺🇸 “Your freckles look so beautiful!”

6. Schlauchboot 

If you don’t like to spend your vacation “auf Balkonien”, you can buy yourself a “Schlauchboot”, a popular and pretty cheap option to spend a hot summer day.

🇩🇪 “Schlauchboot” – 🇺🇸 “rubber dinghy” 

The inflatable boat is usually made of rubber and is easy to transport. If your lungs aren’t that strong, it’s better to buy an air pump as well.

7. Biergarten 

This word is probably self-explanatory and well-known. Then what is better than grabbing a refreshing beer on a hot summer day or evening with a couple of friends?

You can find a Biergarten in every German city, even in smaller villages.

Remember, before going into a “Biergarten,” make sure you know how to order a beer in German!

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