1. Spanish and Go

Spanish and Go image

Spanish and Go Youtube channel was created in 2016 by an American-Mexican couple - Jim and May, whose primary focus is “learn and travel.” Their videos are conversational, spoken with natural language, and based on real-life situations. They contain lots of travel tips and cultural information, making them extremely useful for anyone wishing to visit a Spanish-speaking country. 

Spanish and Go has over 120 thousand subscribers and features dozens of video lessons (8 to 20 minutes each). New content is added regularly, which keeps the channel always alive. Thanks to embedded subtitles, the video lessons are easy to follow, even for beginners. 

All the available recordings are conveniently grouped in various playlists according to their content. Among them, you’ll find Travel Spanish Lessons, Travel Tips, Mexican Culture, Spanish Language Tips, and many others. 


  • varied and real-life content
  • useful travel tips
  • great for listening and speaking practice
  • 100% free content


  • focused on tourism and travel only
  • some previous Spanish background necessary to follow the lessons

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2. Dreaming Spanish

Dreaming Spanish image

According to Pablo - the channel´s creator - studying Spanish does not have to rely on boring grammar lessons. As an alternative, he has developed a series of videos offering an immersive listening experience 100% in Spanish that even absolute beginners can understand. 

In his lessons, he uses the ALG methodology and the Comprehensive Input theory, according to which language learning should come naturally by listening and imitation. Simple drawings, facial gestures, expressive body language, and clear pronunciation help maintain the viewer’s attention and promote better understanding. 

The videos you can find on Dreaming Spanish are conducted either by Pablo personally or by his numerous contributors and divided into four different levels: absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Topic choice is interesting and original (how to make tacos, looking at memes, let’s play Minecraft, etc). 


  • 100% in Spanish
  • fully immersive
  • possibility to sort videos by level, topic, or person
  • constantly updated
  • a variety of accents


  • no explanations or subtitles in English might make the videos quite challenging
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3. Superholly

Superholly  image

Holly is an American who spent most of her childhood and teenage years in Mexico. She is completely bilingual and her youtube channel evolves about various language-related issues and topics. She calls herself “a jack of all trades”, and the videos she posts are excellent proof of that. On her channel, you’ll not only find Spanish and English language tutorials but also videos with fashion and beauty tips, DIY projects, arts and crafts, house decoration, and lots of others. 

The versatility of topics, teaching from her own experience and perspective along with Holly’s sparkling and fun personality have been key to her huge success as a language vlogger: she has millions of loyal subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. 

On the downside, although Holly’s channel sure is entertaining, it is best suited to people who already speak some Spanish (or English). Beginners will probably feel quite lost here.


  • very entertaining and varied content
  • charismatic and likable author
  • high-quality videos
  • English and Spanish subtitles available


  • not structured enough for different levels of Spanish learners
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4. Butterfly Spanish

Butterfly Spanish image

Butterfly Spanish, created back in 2012, is definitely one of the most experienced and comprehensive Spanish learning channels available on Youtube. It is a great option for everyone looking for school-like video lessons, with a teacher (Anna) explaining different aspects of Spanish grammar and vocabulary in front of a whiteboard. 

In spite of being rather traditional in their form and method, Anna’s lessons are very well made, with great sound and video quality, an easy-to-understand accent, and lots of practical and creative examples. 

With a mix of Spanish and English, they are suitable even for the most basic learners of Spanish and cover essential areas of the language, such as pronunciation, principal grammar structures, most useful verbs, and common vocabulary groups. 


  • “real” video lessons
  • creative and fun examples and explanations
  • effective choice of content for A1-B1 students
  • impeccable production quality
  • good balance between entertainment and learning


  • no content for higher proficiency levels
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5. Why Not Spanish?

Why Not Spanish? image

Similar to Spanish & Go, this channel is also administered by a bilingual couple - Cody from the US, who is learning Spanish himself, and María - a Spanish teacher from Colombia. They offer a wide array of videos that help practice different aspects of the language. You’ll find quizzes, vocabulary games, listening activities, and even dictation exercises!

Being a professional teacher, María seems to have a solid background in Spanish grammar and does a great job explaining even the trickiest contents. Judging by how quickly Cody progresses with his Spanish, the videos do work.

Most lessons are only a few minutes long, which helps ensure good viewer’s concentration and content retention. 

Do you worry Maria’s lessons might be boring? Trust me, they aren’t. Their main focus is to show you how to use Spanish rather than torture you with lengthy and confusing explanations. Combining both the teacher’s and the student’s perspectives guarantees that each video is well balanced in terms of its educational value and engagement.


  • lessons hosted by a professional teacher
  • just the right amount of grammar and explanations with tons of examples
  • bite-size video
  • fun quizzes and other language activities


  • focused mainly on beginners and lower intermediates
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6. SpanishPod101

SpanishPod101 image

SpanishPod101 is one of the top Spanish learning platforms and their Youtube channel is just as top-notch as the rest of their publications. It features a huge collection of short video lessons for beginners (Spanish in 3 minutes), and also longer recordings for intermediate and advanced students. 

What else will you find on SpanishPod101 Youtube platform? There’s a lot to pick from: there is the “Spanish word of the day” section, “Spain Spanish words with Rosa”, “Mexican Spanish words with Alex”, “Top 25”, graded listening comprehension videos, and fun facts about typical Spanish holidays and related vocabulary. Even though it might seem a bit chaotic at first, you will quickly find your way across all the content.

Considering that SpanishPod101 is a renowned language project, it comes as no surprise that their videos’ quality is excellent in terms of image and sound. As for the methodology, in most recordings, you will hear and read the target expressions or words in English and Spanish, pronounced at a varied pace. At the end of most videos, you’ll learn a fun cultural fact. 


  • good coverage of Spanish study contents for beginners
  • a big variety of accents to sharpen listening comprehension skills
  • high production quality
  • short videos encourage daily practice 


  • the content doesn’t go beyond beginner level
  • ads appearing before each video
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7. Rock 'N Learn

Rock 'N Learn image

Rock’n Learn is a well-known American educational brand that has been around since 1987. Their Youtube channel is a comprehensive learning platform that features animated videos for toddlers, preschool, and primary school kids on a variety of subjects: math, phonics, reading, writing, and languages. 

The Spanish section for children features a set of bilingual videos that cover some of the essential vocabulary (colors, numbers, food, activities, animals, body parts, feelings, and other everyday expressions). They are colorful and very easy to follow even for the youngest viewers. 

For teenagers and adults, Rock’n Learn offers a set of 10 beginner lessons based on the same bilingual format: you read and hear a phrase in English, and then you learn how to say it in Spanish. 


  • helpful learning tool for Spanish and other basic academic skill
  • colorful, attractive videos for toddlers and kids


  • exclusively translation-based
  • the repetitive format may get boring after a while
  • 30+ minute videos might be too long for the youngest viewers
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8. The Spanish Dude

The Spanish Dude image

Let’s start with a clarification: the Spanish dude is actually North American and not Spanish. His name is Jordan and he used to hate Spanish at school. Yet, life turns have made it necessary for him to learn Spanish and he ended up falling in love with this language. 

If you struggle with Spanish just like Jordan once did, you’re bound to appreciate his short and no-nonsense videos packed with learning strategies as well as grammar and vocabulary tips. Jordan knows very well what the trickiest and the most confusing aspects of Spanish are for English speakers, and - through his own learning experience - tries to make them easier for you. 

Who are his videos targeted at? Judging by their content, mainly at basic students of Spanish who are, on the other hand, native or fluent in English (most of the speaking happens in this language).  


  • videos made from the creator’s own learning experience
  • fast-paced and dynamic
  • skillfully produced content


  • the host’s Spanish pronunciation is not that great
  • disproportionate use of English vs the actual Spanish content
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9. Tu Escuela de Español

Tu Escuela de Español image

This Youtube channel, along with a website under the same name, was created by a Spanish teacher Elena Prieto. As it usually happens with language study materials created by professional teachers, Tu Escuela de Español is full of well-structured and researched grammar and vocabulary videos for basic, intermediate, and advanced students. 

If you are looking for easy-to-understand explanations of grammar contents such as the difference between the verb SER and ESTAR, noun gender, comparisons, and so on, Elena’s videos that resemble simple .ppt presentations will come in very handy. For more advanced students there is a selection of vocabulary-oriented recordings as well as Spain cultural tips. 

All the contents on “Tu Escuela de Español” channel are in Spanish, with subtitles in this language available (only a small number of videos come with subtitles in English). As great as it is to boost the listening comprehension of B1-C1 students, it might prove a little overwhelming for total beginners. 


  • excellent and clear grammar explanations
  • great to practice Spaniard accent
  • useful tips on Spanish customs and traditions
  • lots of information about orthography rules


  • almost exclusively in Spanish, which can be challenging for beginners
  • ads before videos 
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10. EasySpanish

EasySpanish image

Easy Spanish channel is part of a larger project under the name of Easy Languages, which - among others - includes French, German, English, and Russian. They all share the same concept: learning a foreign language by listening to short street interviews with passersby. 

In the Easy Spanish Youtube channel, you’ll find about 10-minute videos recorded in different places of Latin America and Spain. In each video, the interviewer asks a question to random people he/she encounters on the street. The whole conversation is subtitled both in Spanish and in English. Subscribers are also offered additional practice materials to be sent to their email addresses.  

This unconventional concept of studying a language has lots of advantages: it’s entertaining, engaging, and creative. It shows the viewer what real conversations in Spanish look like, what kind of vocabulary people use in their daily interactions, and how the accent varies from country to country. 


  • fun and original approach to learning Spanish
  • good quality of the recordings
  • interesting choice of interview questions and topics
  • great listening comprehension practice


  • a formal summary of the practiced contents at the end of each video would be welcomed

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11. Deliberate Spanish

Deliberate Spanish image

Most youtube channels with Spanish learning videos focus on beginners and lower-intermediate students, leaving more advanced ones “unattended”. Deliberate Spanish does the opposite - it is dedicated to all those who need help getting out of “Spanish Intermediate Purgatory” and move on to real proficiency

The channel has been named after its creator - Nacho (a diminutive form of Ignacio) - a Spaniard living in the US. The videos he posts on Youtube are part of his own language course called “Deliberate Spanish”. 

What will you find on Deliberate Spanish? First of all, the channel is a great source of listening practice materials for advanced students - it features a considerable collection of 5 to 20-minute videos in which Nacho introduces complex expressions in Spanish and analyzes them, offering tips on the best ways to work them out. 

If you have time for longer videos, you might want to take a look at the podcasts available in the “Nos vemos en la Comunidad” section of the channel. 


  • one of the few Youtube channels with materials for B2-C1 students
  • a balanced mix of  Spanish and English use in the videos
  • useful tips on how to progress from intermediate to advanced
  • entertaining podcast conversations


  • other aspects of advanced Spanish (grammar, reading) could be explored more
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12. Maria Español

Maria Español image

Few Youtube Spanish teaching vlogs can praise themselves on such an outstanding collection of study and practice materials as the ones found on Maria Español channel. Just by taking a quick look at the playlists, you’ll immediately notice that the channel is a real treasure for Spanish learners. It features live recorded lessons for different levels, as well as grammar, reading, pronunciation, and vocabulary videos. 

Maria herself is a professional teacher of Spanish and appears to be kind and friendly as well as passionate and enthusiastic. Her teaching style is informal yet knowledgeable and her students (as shown in her recorded online lessons) seem very motivated. Could there be a better testimony than that?


  • a big variety of videos and topics
  • access to recorded online classes for free
  • Spanish subtitles available
  • very favorable student and viewer comments


  • could play more with the vlog format and make it more interactive
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13. Español con Juan

Español con Juan image

Another excellent YouTube channel to learn Spanish for free is definitely Español con Juan, created and administered by Juan Fernandez - a Spaniard from Granada who works as a teacher of Spanish at the University College London and is quite famous for his book “1001 reasons to learn Spanish”.  

What is so special about this channel? First of all, Juan does not use any English, as he considers that Spanish should be taught in Spanish. As he says, as long as you can understand about 50-60% of his videos, you can benefit from them and use them to improve your Spanish.

Another distinctive aspect of Juan’s approach to teaching is the use of storytelling - all of his videos narrate a story especially tailored to explore certain grammar concepts or vocabulary groups. What a refreshing change from boring and repetitive grammar explanations, isn’t it?

What’s also great about Juan’s channel is how easy it is to find your way around all the available videos. They are logically ordered in different playlists, which means you can find exactly what you look for in just a couple of seconds. It might seem like an insignificant detail at first but proves extremely important when competing for viewers.


  • lots of useful vocabulary
  • acting and storytelling as a great tool to attract viewers’ attention
  • well-organized content
  • subtitles in Spanish can be turned on when necessary


  • questions could be added at the end of each story to check comprehension
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14. Speak Spanish Faster

Speak Spanish Faster image

What a catchy name, isn't it? I imagine anyone who studies Spanish would like to be able to speak it in less time. The channel’s founder - Rocky Rodriguez, a son of Puerto Rican immigrants in the US - claims he knows how to achieve it. He has developed his own strategy, called Rhythmic Reinforcement Training that increases the effectiveness of learning Spanish. 

Even though Speak Spanish Faster is a relatively new channel it is definitely worth spending some time looking around. What you’ll find here are mainly videos with tips and suggestions on how to get the most of your study time. There is also a growing selection of videos explaining some of the most confusing aspects of Spanish grammar (tú vs usted, para vs por, ser vs estar), pronunciation (B vs V, RR) as well as common situational phrases. 

Does Speak Spanish Faster offer a complete language course? No, it doesn’t. But it contains lots of useful information for anyone struggling with Spanish. 


  • many interesting tips to try
  • bilingual vlogger
  • beneficial independently on your level


  • lacks sample lessons based on his Rhythmic Reinforcement Training
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15. Bilingue Blogs

There is much more to Spanish than just its Spaniard or Mexican version. Ricky from Bilingue Blogs speaks with a wonderful and entirely native-like Dominican accent (in spite of him being from the US) that almost anyone who’s traveled to this Caribbean paradise will recognize. 

The reason why he created the Bilingue Blogs channel is to inspire and motivate people to learn Spanish. He calls his methods “unorthodox” and relies mainly on conversations with other bloggers or native Spanish speakers from different countries. He vlogs about Dominican culture, idiomatic expressions, he imitates countries from other countries, makes skits, and has loads and loads of fun. 

Even though the Dominican accent might not be the most representative of the Spanish language and - packed with local idioms - is quite tricky to understand, Ricky’s outgoing personality and incredible language skills make his Youtube vlog truly addictive. 


  • charismatic host with incredible language skills
  • entertaining content
  • helps to understand the not-so-common Caribbean Spanish


  • not all videos have subtitles 
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