56 Words for Computer Parts in Spanish (Geek Friendly)


Those who read my posts on a regular basis know just how much I emphasize all the similarities between English and Spanish, especially when it comes to vocabulary. 

The so-called “cognates” or “friends” are words that look almost identical and mean the same in both languages, making the Spanish learning process much easier. 

Technology and computers are one of the areas of vocabulary, particularly abundant with cognates. If you have a look at the selection of 15 essential computer words below, you’ll see that you can easily understand a big part of them:

16 Keywords for Computer Parts in Spanish

  • 🇪🇸 una computadora / un computador / un ordenador – 🇬🇧 a computer 
  • 🇪🇸 un portátil / un notebook – 🇬🇧 a notebook / a laptop
  • 🇪🇸 el procesador – 🇬🇧 the processor
  • 🇪🇸 la pantalla – 🇬🇧 the screen
  • 🇪🇸 la memoria RAM – 🇬🇧 RAM memory
  • 🇪🇸 el monitor – 🇬🇧 the monitor
  • 🇪🇸 el disco duro – 🇬🇧 the hard disk
  • 🇪🇸 el teclado – 🇬🇧 the keyboard
  • 🇪🇸 la placa madre – 🇬🇧 the motherboard / the mainboard
  • 🇪🇸 un puerto USB – 🇬🇧 a USB port
  • 🇪🇸 la tarjeta gráfica / la tarjeta de video – 🇬🇧 the graphics card / the video card 
  • 🇪🇸 la tarjeta de sonido – 🇬🇧 the soundcard
  • 🇪🇸 el parlante / el altavoz – 🇬🇧 the speaker
  • 🇪🇸 la cámara – 🇬🇧 the camera
  • 🇪🇸 el microfóno  – 🇬🇧 the microphone
  • 🇪🇸 el ventilador – 🇬🇧 the fan

Why so many different names for the computer alone? Well, as you know, Spanish is spoken in many different countries, and not all of them use the same words. 

Differences aside, let’s better focus on how we can use those 15 words from our list. Here are a few simple real-life examples:

🇪🇸 Necesito un computador nuevo. 
🇬🇧 I need a new computer. 

🇪🇸 Busco un portátil con un procesador potente y rápido. 
🇬🇧 I’m looking for a laptop with a powerful and fast processor. 

🇪🇸 ¿Cuánta memoria RAM tiene este ordenador? 
🇬🇧 How much RAM does this computer have?

🇪🇸 ¿Sabes cómo cambiar la tarjeta de sonido?
🇬🇧 Do you know how to change the soundcard?

🇪🇸 ¿Cuánto vale una tarjeta de video?
🇬🇧 How much is a video card?

Spanish Words for Computer Parts – Explaining and Solving Problems

Unless you are a real computer geek and you can talk about them for hours, probably the most common situation when you’ll need to practice this vocabulary in Spanish is when a problem occurs. 

What can go wrong with your computer?

Here’s a shortlist of some useful phrases in Spanish to explain computer related problems:

🇪🇸 Mi computadora no enciende. ¿Me podrías ayudar, por favor?
🇬🇧 My computer won’t turn on. Could you please help me?

🇪🇸 El notebook anda muy lento. ¿Puedes revisarlo?
🇬🇧 The notebook is very slow. Can you take a look at it?

🇪🇸 La pantalla se quedó congelada. ¿Qué hago?
🇬🇧 The screen has frozen.  What should I do?

🇪🇸 Parece que la placa madre está dañada. ¿Conoces algún servicio técnico por acá?
🇬🇧 It looks like the motherboard is damaged. ¿Do you know of any repair shop nearby?

🇪🇸 Mi computadora no reconoce el teclado. 
🇬🇧 My computer doesn’t recognize the keyboard. 

🇪🇸 El micrófono no funciona. ¿Sabes cómo arreglarlo?
🇬🇧 The microphone is not working. Do you know how to fix it?

🇪🇸 Mi ordenador no se conecta a internet. ¿Cuál puede ser la razón?
🇬🇧 My computer won’t connect to the internet. What can be the reason?

🇪🇸 La pantalla de mi laptop se quebró durante mi viaje. ¿Dónde puedo reemplazarla?
🇬🇧 My laptop screen broke during my trip. Where can I get it replaced?

🇪🇸 Este puerto USB está malo. Queda solo uno funcionando.
🇬🇧 This USB port is broken. There is only one working left. 

How about potential solutions? Some of these may work:

🇪🇸 Actualiza el sistema operativo.
🇬🇧 Update the operating system. 

🇪🇸 Reinicia el equipo.
🇬🇧 Reboot the computer.

🇪🇸 Test Your Spanish Knowledge 🇪🇸

🇪🇸 Reinstala el sistema operativo. 
🇬🇧 Reinstall the software. 

🇪🇸 Verifica la fuente de alimentación / poder. 
🇬🇧 Check the power source. 

🇪🇸 Elimina todos los archivos y carpetas que no necesitas.
🇬🇧 Delete all the files and folders you don’t need. 

🇪🇸 Prende el computador en modo seguro.
🇬🇧 Boot your computer in safe mode. 

Essential Words for Computer Accesories in Spanish

Do you want to print or to scan a document? Or perhaps you’d like to listen to your favorite music without disturbing the people around you? 

Here’s a list of the most common computer accessories that will make those and other tasks possible:

  • 🇪🇸 una impresora – 🇬🇧 a printer
  • 🇪🇸 una fotocopiadora  – 🇬🇧 a photocopier machine
  • 🇪🇸 un scanner – 🇬🇧 a scanner
  • 🇪🇸 un mouse / un ratón – 🇬🇧 a mouse
  • 🇪🇸 un adaptador – 🇬🇧 an adapter
  • 🇪🇸 audífonos – 🇬🇧 headphones  
  • 🇪🇸 un disco duro externo – 🇬🇧 an external hard disk
  • 🇪🇸 un teclado inalámbrico – 🇬🇧 a wireless keyboard
  • 🇪🇸 un pendrive – 🇬🇧 a pendrive / a flash drive
  • 🇪🇸 un hub USB  – 🇬🇧 a USB hub
  • 🇪🇸 una funda para notebook – 🇬🇧 a zippable notebook case
  • 🇪🇸 un candado de seguridad – 🇬🇧 a laptop safety lock

And here are some ideas of how to use the words from the list in your everyday conversations:

🇪🇸 Siempre respaldo toda la información en un disco duro externo.
🇬🇧 I always back up all the information on an external hard disk. 

🇪🇸 Este archivo es demasiado pesado para enviártelo por correo. ¿Tienes un pendrive?
🇬🇧 This file is too heavy to be sent by email. Do you have a Pendrive?

🇪🇸 Si dejas tu notebook en la oficina te recomiendo que le coloques un candado de seguridad. 
🇬🇧 If you leave your notebook in the office, I recommend you put a safety lock on it.

🇪🇸 Es mucho más cómodo trabajar con un monitor externo y un teclado inalámbrico. 
🇬🇧 It is much more comfortable to work with an external monitor and a wireless keyboard.

🇪🇸 No necesito mouse. Con el touchpad ando bien. 
🇬🇧 I don’t need a mouse. I’m OK with just the touchpad. 

🇪🇸 Tengo una nueva impresora, pero no sé cómo configurarla.
🇬🇧 I have a new printer but I don’t know how to set it up.  

🇪🇸 Mi ordenador no se conecta a internet. ¿Cuál puede ser la razón?
🇬🇧 My computer won’t connect to the internet. What can be the reason?

🇪🇸 Hay mucho ruido en la oficina. Tendré que comprarme unos audífonos con cancelación de ruido. 
🇬🇧 There is a lot of noise in the office. I’ll have to buy noise-canceling headphones. 


Almost everyone uses computers these days. You never know when and where your notebook may fail. In case you live or are visiting a Spanish speaking country, knowing the most important words for computer parts and accessories can really save your skin. 

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